About Us

The Diamond Board of Namibia is non-commercial State Owned Enterprise, operating under the Auspices of the Ministry of Mines and Energy. It was established by the Act of Parliament, Diamond Act 13 of 1999 with a view to provide for control measures in respect of the possession, the purchase and sale, the processing, import and export of diamonds amongst others.

Board of Directors

Chairman Diamond Board

Acting Diamond Commissioner for the Republic of Namibia

Representative: Diamond Manufacturers Association of Namibia

Representative: Mine Workers Union of Namibia

Protected Resources Unit- Namibia Police Force

Representative: Namibia Diamond Producers

Representative: JASSONA | Jewellers Association of Namibia

Representative: Jewelers Association of Namibia

Representative: Diamond Dealers

Lead: Security for De Beers Group of Companies, Namibia


Secretary to the Diamond Board


  • To advise the Minister on any matter relating to the Diamond industry and in the control and protection of diamond resources of Namibia.
  • To advise the Minister on any such matter referred to it by the Minister for investigation or advice.
  • To facilitate by financials or other means the promotion and protection of such diamond industry and diamond resources.
  • To preform such other functions to facilitate the protection and control of such diamonds industry and diamond resources as the Minister, after consultations with the Board may prescribe.

Powers And Duties

The board was enacted and signed by the Founding President of the Republic of Namibia, Sam Nujoma on the 30th of September 1999. The Diamond Act (Act 13 of 1999) was established to provide for the control measures in respect of the possession, the purchase and sale, processing and the import and export of diamonds.

One of the fundamentals of the Diamond Board is utilizing the strategic industry members which sit on the board in advising the Minister of Mines and Energy on matters relating to the diamond industry. The mandate of the new Act also ensures a new tighter security around this precious resource, making the control and protection of Namibia’s Diamonds a major priority.

  • Hire and purchases or otherwise acquire such movable and immovable property as the Board may consider necessary for the performance of its functions and let, sell or otherwise dispose of property so acquired: Provided that immovable property shall not be purchased or otherwise acquired or sold or otherwise disposed of without prior written approval of the Minister.
  • In furtherance of the its objectives, purchase, sell or posses unpolished diamonds, and may make such diamonds available to the Namibian Police Force for use in operations aimed at the enforcement of the provisions of this Act;
  • For the purpose of the performance of its functions under this Act, enter into any agreement with any person, including the State, for the performance of any particular work or the rendering of particular services;
  • By means insurance provide for cover for Board against any loss damage, risk or liability, which the Board may suffer or incur.


To create a platform, which enables Namibia to be globally recognized as the Centre of Excellence in the Diamond World.


  • To deliver specialized advisory services to the Minister of Mines and Energy.
  • To administer the Board Fund and Projects.
  • To efficiently promote Namibian diamonds locally and globally.
  • To pave the way to create a conducive regulatory framework, which will stimulate and attract investment.
  • To facilitate the protection and control of Diamond resources.

Our core Values

  • Accountability
  • Sustainability
  • Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Knowledge ability

Strategic Objectives


To promote the Namibia Diamond Sector especially the uniqueness of our high quality diamonds (the shape and clarity of stones)


To ensure the efficient administration of the Board through the application of sound corporate governance principles.


To ensure a sustainable future for the Natural Namibian Diamond sector.

Increase Competitiveness

To increase international competitiveness.