Claudia von Hase

Representative: JASSONA | Jewellers Association of Namibia

The JASSONA is operating with the abbreviated name and we are sitting in the Board as a Representative and Alternate Representative.

Claudia von Hase holds degrees in Industrial Design / Hochschule für Bildende Künste Berlin and Jewellery design / Stellenbosch University RSA & Schwäbisch Gmünd BRD. She has been self-employed in the jewellery industry since 1986. In 2005 she completed a course in Diamond Grading at the Jewellery Council of South Africa Diamond Grading Laboratory & Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Training School. Her strong entrepreneurial talent has enabled her to establish a successful fine jewellery trading business in Namibia, South Africa and Europe. Claudia has always focused on using Namibian gems, particularly diamonds. Namibian diamonds have garnered significant attention both locally and internationally.